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Xuxuxyay Raven is a practicing trickster and accomplished hustler who calls Portland, Oregon home.  He uses storytelling and intuitive mentoring to create transformative experiences to push people to their limits and expand their awareness.  Xuxuxyay has guided long-term survival trips in remote wilderness conditions, facilitated self-empowerment workshops at renowned U.S treatment centers and is currently leading an emergency response team on the war front in Ukraine.  He is a complex and controversial figure who is adept at navigating chaos and the art of not giving a fuck about what other people think. 


Xuxuxyay is a master of experiential education.  He has guided thousands of adults and youth through transformational adventures.

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Xuxuxyay has a lifetime of work in the field of substance abuse, suicide prevention and grief recovery.  

"Honor your callings!  The pain of regret is always worse than the trial you must endure."